The Joy of Movement

The Joy of Movement is meant for EVERYONE! Your body and soul crave movement, which means that you enjoy and need exercise, whether you know it or not. It’s just a matter of finding the right method that allows you to experience it on a regular basis. When making yourself exercise, you often are doing something you don’t like. But it shouldn’t be that way. There is always some type of movement that you will find enjoyment from once you explore the many options. Just allowing your body to move in different ways that are comfortable, you can find something that works. Movement can be a powerful form of meditation or prayer, allowing you to experience peace and exercise in one session. Yoga, stretching, walking, dancing, aerobics, anything can be used as a meditation. Until you become more experienced, you may find slower movements such as yoga to be the most effective. Walking meditation, especially in nature, is also highly effective. Learn to move your body according to what feels right for you rather than according to rules or structure. Many will find they will start to enjoy exercise more than ever rather than forcing themselves to. Often once you’re in a state of peace and joy, you can just focus on that feeling.