Authentic Self

Being authentic is extremely important. This involves having integrity. The reason we’re not suppose to lie or do bad things is not because of others judging us or because of a higher power. It can motivate you, but you’re still not doing it because YOU have chosen to. The real reason is that when you aren’t aligning every action with your authentic self it affects your life. Often we can get away with things and somehow we’re able to justify that if no one noticed or we weren’t punished that it was okay to do. How you truly feel deep inside you whenever you do something that isn’t aligned with who you truly are should be enough of an indication not to do it. Usually we ignore that feeling. When you’re not aligned with truth, it shows up negatively in other aspects of your life. It could be in relationships, finances, health. Closely examine your life to find what isn’t working. You may think everything is fine, but is it really? Be more thorough. Is every aspect of every area of your life working? Are you doing everything perfectly with your health? Are your relationships extremely fulfilling, meaningful and perfect? There’s almost always at least one thing that isn’t quite right, and usually much more than one. Negative creates negative, there’s no way around it. There’s always a consequence, even if you just feel bad. Whenever you feel bad, especially because of something you’ve done, it creates something toxic within you. When you’re aligned with truth 100%, the majority of your life should be working. Though being authentic is more than just being honest, it’s living your life being completely who you are at all times.